About Us

We are the parents, children, spouses, brothers and sisters, and friends of persons with serious and persistent mental illness throughout the state of Kentucky — as well as those persons themselves.

NAMI Kentucky is a self-help organization that is part of a nation-wide network devoted to improving the lives of the seriously mentally ill and decreasing the prevailing stigma associated with mental illness. The initials “NAMI ” in our name stand for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which was founded in 1979 by 284 persons. NAMI Kentucky is the state chapter. There are now over 1200 affiliate groups located in all 50 states, including Hawaii and the District of Columbia. NAMI Kentucky represents over 1300 members/households and has 20 affiliates plus newly forming affiliates throughout the state.

We invite the support and advice of professionals and welcome them as members of our organization. We reach out to mental health care providers through our course “Provider Education.” The course offers providers the perspectives of family members and consumers.

NAMI Kentucky is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our primary focus is to provide support, education and advocacy for those who have severe mental illnesses as well as their families. We strive as an organization to educate ourselves and the general public about the prevalence of mental illnesses, alternative treatments and the need for community facilities and services. We advocate for the rights of all persons affected by severe mental illness and for services to help those with mental illnesses to achieve the highest degree of independence and productivity possible. We encourage and support research on the cause and treatment of mental illnesses.